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What is Botail ?

Botail is a Bow-necktie that was designed to improve the inability of Necktie and Bowtie. Botail  is an artist designed tie, a Bowtie with a rectangle necktie 2-inch-wide x 20-inch-length hand stitch attached together, with an adjustable neck band, comfortable and easy to fasten around your neck.

How to put on and take off a Bow-necktie.

                           Botail is what Necktie and Bowtie was meant to be. 

Why Botail? Botail's mission is to present the consumer with various styles, latest designs, and neckwear that energizes various activities. Botail is a customer-centric organization that will provide comfortable and durable neckwear. This will provide an innovative product that differentiates us from our competitor. 


With Botail, no need for collar bars, button covers or cummerbund.

Historic Fashion Tie Upgrade

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