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The wait is over!  After, almost 400 years since the introduction of the necktie and bowtie in Europe,  the 21st Century modern makeover neckwear tie is here.   It’s called  

Botail. The Botail tie was designed in America …


by an Artistic Engineer,  Jeffrey D. Short.



The Botail "T" tie was designed to complete the fashion images of the Bowtie and Necktie. The hybrid merging of the two created the  Botail "T" tie.  It’s like the butterfly transforming from a caterpillar in one elevated step for the “Runway”, the Oscars, Proms, "Just Because", and more!


The next profound moment will be you wearing this tie.” 



Botail will work for everyone, even if you don't know how to tie a traditional necktie or bowtie. The Botail tie is a pre-tied tie, easy to fasten, with its adjustable collar band.


Botail "T" tie promotes an Eloquent, Captivating, Bold and Unique look, like no other... "You be the Judge"!



I am now proud to share with the World, the first most Versatile, Luxurious and Completed neck wear tie!  

Botail "T" tie is made from quality fabrics like Satin, Silk, Jacquard Woven, Wool, Cotton, Vegan leather, Microfiber, and Velvet with unique hand-crafted patterns, to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece, “Every Day! 




Jeffery D. Short

Founder of Botail "T" tie


        My First Handmade Botail "T" tie

My first Botail tie


Peacock Botail
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