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The Botail Necktie logo features a gold emblem with wings, symbolizing freedom, power, and sophistication. The luxurious gold color adds a touch of prestige to the design, embodying elegance, and style.


My mission is to provide customers with a unique fashion experience by offering high-quality Botails that embody imagination, innovation, and ingenuity. We aspire to make Botail available worldwide and in every major department store, with the ultimate goal of surpassing the necktie and bowtie to become the number one tie in the world.

Botail first Front Sketch
Botail First Back Sketch

Jeffrey First Sketches of Botail Necktie

First designed handmade prototype

Jeffrey first Prototype Hand Made
Botail Front Image
Botail written Logo
Botail Back Image


On February 6th, 2021, I was in my home when I had a life-altering experience that sparked the beginning of a remarkable journey. As I began planning for my upcoming 60th birthday in October, I embarked on a search for the perfect suit. It was during this search that I stumbled upon a striking gray and black suit jacket with a style that captured my attention and imagination.

Immediately, I knew I needed a special tie to complement this exceptional jacket. However, my quest for the perfect necktie or bowtie proved to be challenging. None of the options I found seemed to match the level of fashion and sophistication I desired to achieve with this jacket.

Driven by a desire for something truly unique and stylish, I had an idea. I found myself holding a necktie in one hand and a bowtie in the other. That’s when I spoke to myself, what if I could combine the elements of a necktie and a bowtie into a single, cohesive accessory? With this concept in mind, I began sketching and eventually hand-stitched a prototype that blended the two styles seamlessly.

As I admired my creation, I pondered what to call this innovative style of tie. In a moment of inspiration, the name "Botail" came to me—a fusion of "bow" and "tie" into a single, elegant word.

Intrigued by the history of neckties and bowties, I delved into their origins, discovering that they were created by Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century. However, these two styles remained distinct until the birth of Botail in 2021.

Botail is more than just a tie; it represents a bold fashion statement that merges history with modern elegance. It is a symbol of excellence and artistic mastery—a fashion innovation fit for royalty. Botail is not just a tie; it is a historic evolution in fashion.

The Jacket

Botail Inspiration Jacket

 First Prototypes

Jeffrey First Prototypes

Second Prototypes

Jeffrey Second Prototype


My vision is to bring innovation to the world and establish Botail as the most customer-centric company in the neckwear industry. Botail will revolutionize men's and women's neckwear with its majestic creativity and styles, expanding beyond the traditional necktie and bowtie designs. It will become the go-to choice for fashion-forward individuals, setting the standard for dress codes at various occasions such as awards ceremonies, weddings, banquets, fraternity events, business attire, religious ceremonies, and casual and dress uniforms.



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