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Botail by Jeffrey

About Botail

On February 6th, 2021, I had a life altering experience, that day I had started planning for my 60th birthday that was going to happen in October.  As I looked online for a suit, I came across a gray and black suit jacket that caught my attention with its intriguing style and unforgettable fashion!  In my mind I said to myself, “I need a Special Tie for this suit jacket!!”  That is when the search began for the perfect Necktie or Bowtie that would create the perfect look that I needed. But as I searched through different Neckties and Bowties, I realized that within my searches, it was NOT even close enough to being fashionable to stand out and make the statement I wanted with this jacket! 

I desired something different, something that would give me that look of prestige, class, and high-quality fashion.  All these thoughts were floating in my mind.  Suddenly, I had an idea, “What if I could combine the Necktie and the Bowtie together, how would that look?”  So that is what I did, I imagined the look in my head and began to sketch an image of them both together as one.  Afterwards I hand stitched a Necktie and Bowtie together as I had envisioned. Once I had completed the stitching, I wondered “What could I call this style of Tie?”  That is when I heard a voice say to me “Botail” not Bow tail, two words became one and that was when “Botail” was born. 

I began researching the history of the Necktie and the Bowtie, during that research I discovered who created them both, it was the Croatian Mercenaries from the 17th Century that established the Necktie and then the Bowtie, yet they remain two separate looks, until 2021 with “Botail. Botail is not just a tie, it is a forwarding fashion statement of history.  It is of excellence, an Artistic Masterpiece of Fashion Royalty.  It is special and will become a Historic Evolution.



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Our mission is to provide the customers with a unique fashion experience by providing Botails of high-quality with imagination, innovation, and ingenuity. I want to make Botail available all around the world, and available in every Major Department store in the world.  My goal is to make Botail the number one tie in the World, Surpassing the Necktie and Bowtie.  


 Our vision is to ring innovation around the world and be the most customer-centric company. Botail will improve the fashion of Men's and Women's Neckwear, with a majestic creativities and styles that has extended from the necktie and bowtie family. Botail will be the future of Men's and Women's Neckwear, as the fashion icon dress code for all Occasions. – Awards, Wedding, Banquet, Fraternities, Business attire, Religion’s attire, Casual and dress Uniforms.

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